Saturday night with family

On Friday, my mother invited Zvi to come spend Shabbos with her but he thought he'd be too bored spending Shabbos alone with his grandmother and great-grandmother so he declined the invitation. Leora overheard though and wanted to go instead so she went and had a great time. It also made our Shabbos a little easier and much quieter. We had a very nice lunch at the Kaye's house and then had to rush home to set up the house for a shiur by Rav Meir Goldwicht for women that we hosted.

After Shabbos we all went to pick up Leora from my mother's house. Rivka, my 17 year old niece from Nof Ayalon, was also there for Shabbos so we offered to take her home. My sister Amy commented how crazy it is how little we see each other considering we live less than 10 minutes away. We hung out at her house for a half or so and had a good time and we promised that we'd try to be sure to see each other more frequently. We had to hurry home though because Shira's brother Danny had called that they wanted to come visit us on their way back from a bar mitzva in Jerusalem. So we got pizza and they came over for about an hour. It also happens to be Danny's birthday so Happy Birthday Danny! One of the reasons that we thought it would be great to spend the year in Israel was because of all our family that lives here but too often we're all too busy to actually spend time with them so it was nice to pack so much into one night.

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