Basket Weaving 101

Sunday we spent the morning with Danny and family at Neot Kedumim. We went there about six years ago with my sisters and parents and Shira and I both remembered it being pretty boring. We decided to go anyway since they have special sukka exhibits during Sukkos and it's so close and easy. It was pretty nice with games to play and lots of learning activities. It got really hot though as it got close to noon and my kids decided that they'd had enough when we got to a basket weaving station. The night before when we were planning I had insisted that we leave early to beat the crowds. I was mocked but the place was packed by the time we left and it was really hot.

We went straight to my parents house for the annual Andelman Israel Sukka Party. Most of my first cousins who live in Israel were there and it was nice to see everyone. It was my parents second straight day hosting a sukka party. On Saturday night I was at their sukka for the first (annual?) Dayton sukka party. There were 35 people there who had at one time lived in Dayton (or were married to someone who had lived there). Most of the people were a little older than me and I didn't know a lot of them since I moved out when I was 9 but it was still nice.

Then we came home and Shira was off with the three bigger kids to go to Beit Shemesh for a festival. I don't really know anything about what happened there so we'll just have to hope that one of them decide to blog about it.

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