Leora's 5th Birthday

Today was a much better day than anticipated. Leora woke up and was actually excited that it was her birthday. She still complained that she didn't want to go to gan but she went along without too much trouble. She brought her doll "Jenny" with her and it gave her a little more confidence. I took my usual seat in the corner and Leora slowly started interacting with some children. I made sure to let everyone know it was her birthday. When it came time to leave, she of course was upset and I had to leave her screaming, locked behind the gate. She and the shomer, Roman, are good buddies. He has a limited English vocabulary but tries his best. This afternoon we met with the school psychologist again and she just reinforced what we already knew. She was very nice and it was good to see that there were other people watching out for Leora.

After the meeting David dropped me off at his grandmother who had an appointment with a home health OT. She was very impressive and we were on the same page with various issues. David then picked Leora up from Gan, waited for the other kids, did some homework and returned to his parent's apartment. There we had a nice birthday dinner with pizza from Big Apple Pizza, donuts and ice cream. Leora also got three presents. One from Bubbie, one from Savta (and Saba) and one from Marilyn (Savta's friend). She was very happy.
Also today, Zvi and Yeshaya got new shoes. We took Yeshaya earlier in the day. He seems to suffer from the same Hebrewitis that Leora has. As soon as the woman started speaking hebrew, he just flipped out. We managed to get the shoes on him and hopefully they fit him well. They happen to be really nice shoes, and we paid much less than we would have in the US. Zvi got a new pair of runners/sneakers/running shoes/tennis shoes/naalay sport. He is happy with them.

Not much else to report except that I got a haircut from a lady who didn't really understand what it meant to cut my hair but still have it long enough that it fits in a pony tail. Oh well, not much I can do about it now.

Let's hope the rest of the week is just as good as today!

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