Nothing Like a Hot Shower After a Long Day

I just came out of nice hot shower and now I feel that I can blog about a day in the life of the Greenstones. What a day!!! Our early morning started off with Yeshaya (who now sleeps in a bed) climbing into bed with us. He was just too adorable and we were just too exhausted to return him to his own bed. He even brought along his blanket and two pacifiers. We had a pretty restless rest of the night as Yeshaya thought he was king of the bed.

When morning actually arrived and David was home from shul, things seemed to have been headed in the right direction. The usual kvetching from the kids, no more than typical.

David had set up a meeting with the principal for Rivka and Zvi so he drove them to school instead of the bus. I had the duty of taking Leora to Gan. I am happy to say that she did not cry today BUT I had to stay with her for over an hour promising her the world. She was in a great mood when we picked her up and even had a play date with her friend Michal.

Back to David: David met with Rav Ravitz and discussed our options for Rivka and Zvi. He assured us that they would be getting more support from the school. From talking to friends we found out that there was a four day/week ulpan being offered for new olim. We felt that that was the answer for our kids and they were very excited about it too. Well too bad on us!!! They do not qualify. You may think that perhaps being that we are tourist and not olim would be the reason. Nope, they do not qualify because they are not in one of the schools that are affiliated with the Ulpan. We even offered to pay. Personally I don't think the fight is over, but it seems that David may have given up (he is also the one who spoke to the person so maybe that's why).

When Rivka and Zvi heard the news that they could not go to Ulpan they went bazurk. They were so looking forward to learning hebrew in a comfortable environment. Basically our whole evening until they fell asleep was listening to them alternated between screaming and crying. For those of you who have been to our house, you know how the acoustics here just help the sound along.

As I reread this post I realize that I have not even touched on how difficult a day we had but take it from me, it was. But as I said in the title, there is nothing like a hot shower after a long day.

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Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Nothing like a Hot Shower...with great water pressure!