A Shabbos with Savta

This past Shabbos I slept at Savta's house. When I got there we went to warm up the food at Bubbie's and we did not go back to Savtas until after dinner. In the morning we woke up at six and went outside and had a yummy breakfast on the porch and played all the games she has which is a lot. After we came back inside we went to read in bed. Then we got dressed and davened and went to Bubbie's again for Lunch. After lunch we came back to Savta's and rested and played some more games while eating popcorn. At about 5 we went to the park and saw Bubbie there. I played on the swings and Savta and Bubbie talked. We came home when Shabbos was over made havdala and Mommy picked me up. What a fun Shabbos!

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Elayne said...

It was fun for me, too! Come again!