A day out with savta and some cousins

One day over chol hamoed I went with Savta, Aviva and Dina to Ganei Yehoshua. We took a train from Modiin to Tel Aviv. When we got there we walked like 5 minutes to get to Ganei Yehoshua. In Ganei Yehoshua we rented a boat for a hour and on the boat we said Tehillim, sang some songs, ate and we each got to peddle a little bit. After we returned the boat we played on some of the climbing things. We took another train to a mall and in the mall we looked for clothes for Aviva and Dina and then got popsicles. When we were done we took a train back to Modiin. When we got to Modiin Amy picked us up and we ordered some food but they do not deliver to where she lives so we all came to my house to pick it up. After the food came they invited me to sleepover there so I did. When I got there we ate and then watched a movie but we had to go to sleep very early because we were waking up at three thirty in the morning to go to the kotel. When we woke up we went to pick up Savta from her house and we went to the kotel. You can't believe how many people were there at three thirty in the morning; we could not even find a seat.When we left the kotel we went to a bakery to get cakes and to a different store to get popcorn. Then we drove Savta home and Abba, Zvi, Leora and Yeshaya picked me up from there but we did not have breakfast yet so everybody got something at the bakery. It was a lot of fun but I was exhausted from getting up so early.

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