Shabbos in Nof Ayalon

We went away for Shabbos for the first time in more than three months and we are planning on going away two of the next three Shabboses also. Both of my sisters have invited us a few times for Shabbos and this was the first time that it actually worked out so we went to Nof Ayalon to the Fredj's. There are some great things about going away like the fact that no preparation and cleanup is really needed. The downside is that you're not at home. It's nice to be at home in your own beds. The accommodations were good though and we all had a good time until ...

Shabbos afternoon when the men were at mincha, Amy and her daughters took my kids to the park. Her kids love taking care of Yeshaya and he warmed to them and let them hold him and play with him. That was a nice little break. Anyway, Leora started running or something (the entire Shabbos, she found it quite amusing that she was able to walk, run or even sit in the middle of the street) and she tripped and got a big bump and cut her head on the street. It was a very small cut but it was pretty deep and Amy and Shira agreed that it was best to take her to Terem again. So immediately when Shabbos was over Shira dropped the rest of us at home and she went to Terem. They were lucky that there wasn't a long wait (Shira said that when she left the line was considerably longer) and they were in and out in about an hour. Leora got a butterfly stitch.

On the way home, Shira picked up my mother because we had plans to go out to play Panoply at a shul event. We got the kids to sleep and went to the shul. Our RSVP had gotten lost in the email so we were put at the table of "extras" but luckily that included the ADDeRabbi. His trivia knowledge hepled us finish in second place out of 11. The other two couples at our table were also very nice and did well too and we all had a good time.

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ADDeRabbi said...

Go 'Lost Tribe'.
It was definitely a team effort; our teammates' knowledge of Israeli songs and modiin geography was crucial.
Solid showing.