A little shpatzir

Today, we decided to give Rivka the day off to go shopping with Shira and Yeshaya. The four of us went to the Sussman bris in Chashmonaim with my father and then they dropped me off at my grandmother's house while they went to Yerushalayim. She goes to a group in Bet Shemesh every day besides Wednesday so I usually try to spend some time with her on Wednesday mornings. Shira has assured me that it's only a twenty minute walk if you take the shortcuts so I figured I could easily walk home. I did not realize how many stairs it was. Here is a map of the various routes
The green dot at the bottom is our house and the red line at the top is my grandmother's apartment building. The pink line is that fastest way to go in a car because it's mostly mountains so you have to go around in circles. When you walk though you can cut out a lot of it by taking stairs. The red line is the way that I walked today. You can see at the top the red line going down cuts out a lot but that was 246 steps (give or take a couple). Then near the bottom I went on another 76 steps. All the steps were going up so that was quite a hike. It took me almost exactly 20 minutes so Shira was right but it was not an easy walk. The brown line that goes all the way around is the route that Shira walks every Friday so she can get exercise. Her gym membership is only good Sunday-Thursday so for exercise on Friday she walks. Sometimes Yeshaya and I join her for the walk and when we do we can't take the stairs so we follow the brown line around to get there and then the pink line home. That takes about an hour but it's a tough walk because it's really hilly. When she's on her own though she takes the stairs back. She still goes that crazy route to get there because apparently 320 steps up isn't enough exercise. That's more than enough exercise for me ... for a week!

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