The Shuk in Ramle

First of all I need to clarify that the shuk was in Ramle NOT Ramallah. It's a city pretty close to Modiin with a mix of Jews and Arabs. I went with my neighbor Esti and I drove. When we reached our destination we started looking for parking but it was jammed packed. It was bumper to bumper in the parking lots. There was one car in front of me and I noticed some people coming to their car. The car in front of me was still scanning around for a spot but was passed this spot. She decided though that she had the right to this parking spot and not me. BUT I wouldn't let her have it. She was motioning me to back up so she could get it and I just refused. She even sent her passenger out to stand by the spot. Then it came time for the person in the spot to drive her car out. Well there was nowhere for her to go. The lady in front of me refused to move forward and I had a car behind me so I couldn't really go anywhere. Everyone started yelling at each other, it was really quite humorous. Finally after much maneuvering, the lady in front moved forward, I moved over to the side and the lady got out of her spot. I decided that it wasn't worth the fight anymore so I just backed up out of the parking lot and parked illegally. After all, I have Cypress license plates and don't get ticketed or towed.

(The Shuk was not too impressive but I managed to get some shekel items for the kids. )

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BubbyT said...

I don't think David went with your neighbor Esti, did he? (says he posted this post) I can just see you standing your ground Shira and not moving!!! Have a shabbat shalom. we miss you!!