Rivka and Zvi update

In Baltimore, we always got glowing reports from the teachers about Rivka and Zvi. They're both so smart and wonderful kids at school and the kids all like them, etc. This year, we weren't sure exactly what to expect when we went to meet the teachers for parent-teacher conferences. Were they behaving well in class even though they don't understand? Were they doing well in school? Did other kids like them? We thought that they were both doing really well in all those things but we weren't 100% positive.

Last week, we went to meet Zvi's teacher. First of all, we are really impressed with her. She has called us numerous times to tell us about things or to ask us questions and seems to really care about him. She told us that he's really smart and especially good at math. We knew that but it's good to see that he's able to show it here even though he doesn't know the language. He's progressing really nicely and he got 111 on his chumash test. He's also made friends in class and even talks a bit to the Israeli kids. The teacher talks Hebrew to him almost all the time and he understands most of what she says. She is really impressed with him and we are so proud of him.

Tonight we met Rivka's teacher. She loves Rivka. She told us that she's such
a good girl and that everyone in the class really likes her. She is doing really well in class and she couldn't believe how well she did on her chumash test (100% on a test on the entire Parshat Naso). She could tell that she wasn't just spitting back the information but she really understood it and is really smart. She's also doing very well in math and is understanding more and more of what everyone says. She has lots of friends and socializes a lot with the Israeli girls. Two girls from her class live right near us but they only speak Hebrew. That doesn't stop Rivka from getting together with them often. We're so proud of her.

So far, we're very happy with the school and we really like the teachers. The two of them have adjusted so well in the time they've been in school. I can't believe it's been less than three months. They're amazing!

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