Yeshaya's Going To Gan

Before we moved to Israel we really debated on the schools and programs where we would send our kids. The hardest decision was places for Rivka and Zvi. Thank Gd I feel that we made the right choice for them. The school really seems to be meeting their needs. We have parent teacher conferences tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes. It was funny, I was speaking to a neighbor that sends her child to the same school. She mentioned that had she been living in NY she would never have sent her daughter to this school. It seems too Bais Yaakovy to her. I responded to her and said that our kids were going to schools in Baltimore even more right wing than this school. I guess it's all about where you're living.

Yeshaya was signed up for a part time playgroup before we left, but when we got here it fell through. I happened to become quite friendly with the person who was going to run it but failed to convince her to start it up. Initially David and I were happy that Yeshaya would be home with us. He's only two and we were looking forward to spending time alone with him. That didn't last too long. He just is so bored not having other kids around. We (mostly David) read him books all day long because we don't have many toys. Then when the kids come home and it's homework time he becomes a little troublemaker. We decided that he needs some sort of program. So after a few weeks worth of phone calls, emails etc. I have successfully found him the perfect gan. I'm really excited for him to start on Thursday. Of course when I tell him that he's going to gan he says "NO". I hope we don't have a repeat of Leora.

For Leora's kindergarten (Gan Chova) we got the one we requested. We wanted a religious school with long hours. At times I regret that we didn't check out other gannim but I'm not sure that her adjustment would have been any easier at another place. She is definitely improving daily but I think that she'll probably continue with the screaming and crying until the end of the year. It's just her way of showing us that she loves us :-)

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Daphna P said...

Good luck Yeshaya, hope you enjoy!