Second encounter with the cops

I forgot to blog about the second time that the cops pulled me over. On the way home from Ganei Yehoshua the kids were a little wild in the car and I saw two cops getting into their car as we were approaching. I warned the kids to calm down or the cops would pull us over and that always scares them so they quickly relaxed and sat up straight. It didn't help because a minute later the sirens went on and I slowed down until they told me on the loudspeaker to go to the side of the road.

I knew that I had done nothing illegal and that it was only because of my license plate. By this time I'm already a pro at dealing with this since I was just pulled over last month. They came out and started asking me lots of questions and asked for my license and registration. This time I figured I could talk in Hebrew since unlike last time I hadn't done anything illegal. They were nice but genuinely confused by the strange plates and the fact that I had an American driver's license. They then made a bunch of phone calls and after about 15 minutes came back to the car and said "Sa" - Go. No explanation, no apology for pulling me over for no reason. I guess I shouldn't really expect it. They were just doing their job but I just wish that I had something to tell these guys so I wouldn't have to wait 15 minutes every time they get curious about the plates.

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