Filling up the house again

Zvi's friend Noach's parents went away for a couple of days so Noach is staying with us for two nights. Then yesterday, Shira decided to call her brother Eli for the first time in a little while. He had been learning at Ohr Somayach for the last few months but decided that it was time to leave. Someone else was moving into his apartment this week so he had to get his stuff out and he's not yet sure where his next stop will be. So we invited him to stay with us until he figures out where he wants to go from here. Yeshaya, Shira and I went in to Yerushalayim this morning to help him empty his apartment. We stopped at the kotel for a few minutes and then went to his place. He had a lot of stuff but didn't have any furniture to move so we were able to fit it all in the van (we had removed the seats before we left). Hopefully he'll find a new place that works well for him soon - for his sake (we love having him).

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