Meeting with the school psychologist

Today we met with the school psychologist for Leora's gan to see how she is progressing. Basically, she is not progressing but rather regressing. This past week was absolutely impossible. Leora started some new tricks. She now climbs fences, jumps out windows, pinches and punches. Yay, we are really proud of her new talents. But seriously, the situation is out of control.

The conclusion that we have come to is that we need to find Leora a gan that is a better fit to her needs. She is acting out because of anxieties and fears and it is only escalating. We are not going to tell her anything (so if you're reading this and you see Leora, please keep it quiet) but she will most likely be switching ganim after Chanuka break. Hopefully a new start with teachers that speak English is the answer. Wish us luck!

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DaphnaP said...

Best of luck, Leora! I'm sure it will be a great new start. Happy Chanukah, guys.