Lots of legs

Q. What do you call a black centipede type thing almost a foot long with about 300 legs?
A. An African Giant Black Millipede Rivka and Shira were sitting in the living room tonight while I was in my office when they called me to join them. Rivka had spotted this long millipede in the corner of the living room. I had to get it out of the house. I got two plastic bags and used one to try to push it into the other. It curled up in a ball and pooped all over the floor (apparently it wasn't really poop but it was just secreting a defensive liquid from its exoskeleton). I got it into the bag and brought it outside to the dumpster. I didn't realize this at the time but they are the "perfect pet arthropod". Too bad our lease says no pets allowed.


Diana said...

If I found one in my apartment, you guys would hear me screaming in Israel.

Greg said...

I never thought I would read a blog post by you that used the word "exoskeleton." Live and learn.