My Favorite Quotes

I was at the gym today trying to make the time go by faster by thinking about what to blog about next. I got to thinking about the funny things the kids have said to me recently and thought, VOILA, perfect blog material. So here goes.

Rivka "Mommy are you on a diet?" "Why do you ask Rivka?" "Because you are in the worst mood."

Zvi "You're not supposed to have that candy" "Why not Zvi?" "Because you're on a diet"

(Okay, so maybe I'm a little obsessed with diet and exercise but it's not really making a difference in how my clothes are fitting).

Leora "I'm so thirsty. I want some water. Why can't I have water? Do you want me to die????"

Yeshaya (to me as I'm driving) "Mommy be careful" (said to me twice in one trip)

My all time favorite Yeshaya to David "Abba, I love Mommy" Yeshaya to me five minutes later "Mommy I hate you".

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Anonymous said...

Great post, Shira.

How about, "I guarantee victory"

- me (Aryeh), 30 seconds before getting trounced by the Even Yarukahs