It's raining it's pouring

When I went to pick up Leora from gan today it was just starting to drizzle. In the US when it rains everyone hates it and complains all the time so I turned to Leora's friend, the security guard, and said, "aww it looks like rain." He responded that it was wonderful that it was going to rain. I said that it was great for the farmers and for us eventually when we get the produce but not great for him who has to open and shut the gate for everyone in the rain. He said, "No, the rain is amazing for everyone." It's just such a different attitude here. It rained pretty hard for about an hour in the evening. We had a drop of rain on Friday night and a little bit before Sukkot but this was our first real rainfall.

Tonight we had our second bi-weekly dinner at my parents' house with the Fredj's (my sister from Nof Ayalon). We're also planning on going to them for Shabbos. We haven't written anything about this past Shabbos so a quick recap here ... We had two girls stay with us for Shabbos from "Anywhere in Israel" - a nice program which hooks up kids here for the year with places for Shabbos. Last week the Kletzels had two girls for lunch when we were there and we liked the idea so we signed up and got our own guests. For dinner we had the Baks and the Wines (minus Debbie and the baby who are in the States). The kids all had a great time together. Thanks to the girls sleeping over we had babysitters and Shira was able to come with me to both shalom zachars that we had for Sussman and Peimer. Then for lunch we ate at the ADDeRabbi and his rebetzin's house. Rivka tried Bnei Akiva in the afternoon but found it boring and walked home in the middle. She's just not into these Shabbos afternoon groups since she quit Bnos in Baltimore also.

[this post was actually made by David ... sorry]


tnspr569 said...

The J-Blogosphere has sucked you in, too, huh? Crazy, isn't it?

ADDeRabbi said...

You forgot to mention that the Baks brought a box of chocolate and the Wines brought a bottle of wine.

mr.spodek said...

Maybe you should edit out the part where Rivkah goes to Bnie Akiva. It could ruin her chances of a shidduch if you plan on coming back to Baltimore.