Party of Boys

We celebrated Zvi's birthday yesterday (his actual birthday is on Shabbos) and he had 12 boys over for the party. They were all American except two Israelis who are live near us and are in his class. We tried to talk some Hebrew and to encourage the kids to talk in Hebrew but I think that the kids were a little uncomfortable. We had some races, ate pizza, decorated and ate cake and played soccer. It got hectic and a little wild but I think that all the kids had fun. Rivka was smart and went to a friend's house so she wouldn't have to deal with all the boys.

It's been a long time since I blogged so I'll just post some highlights. Last Sunday was my birthday (thanks to all who called and emailed) and we celebrated by eating Chinese at my grandmother's house with my parents and mother-in-law. On Monday we went out for lunch with the Baks since Tzivi's birthday is just a day after mine (I was born on Taanit Esther 5735 and she was born on Purim).

Leora has a friend of hers at our house who doesn't speak a word of English (actually, she was proud of the fact that she knew "yes" and "no") and Leora is adjusting and playing really nicely with her. Rivka and Zvi have both had non-English speakers over a couple times and we were very proud of the way they interacted with them but this is Leora's first time. It's amazing how much Hebrew Leora has learned since she switched ganim.

On Shabbos we had my mother-in-law, Danny and his family and Eli. It was our 5th Shabbos in a row with sleepover guests. This Shabbos we are planning to be home to enjoy a nice quiet Shabbos. We love having company but we're looking forward to not having to entertain one time. On Motzei Shabbos, I drove my mother-in-law to the airport. I ended up taking three other people from the neighborhood who were also flying to the States then. All four of them were on different flights but the times were close enough that it was worth it for them all to come with me.

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Happy Birthday anyway