Just another shabbos in the Greenstone home


This shabbos was the fourth week out of five having sleep-over guests. My friend Faigy Ort (nee Shwartz) and her four children came for shabbos as they had the Fishman Bar Mitzvah. Faigy and I go way back from Camp Heller "Spat"days and our year in Israel (she was in Michlalah and I slept on her floor many nights). The Ort family is also here for a year from Bergenfield although Chesky (the husband) commutes one week a month back to the US. They actually were the inspiration for us coming for a year. One day I was speaking to my friend Hindy. She casually mentioned that Faigy and family were coming to J"M for a year. I quickly hung up the phone and called to David. I said "let's go to Israel for the year" thinking it would take a lot of convincing but he surprised me and said "okay" (he's not a man of many words). So that started the ball rolling for our fabulous year here.

The Ort's ate over Friday night and our kids hit it off. We all went to shul for the Fishman kiddush and the Ort's stayed there for lunch. We went to the Hellersteins and had a very enjoyable lunch with the Shreibers who made aliyah from Florida. Funny thing is is that both the Hellersteins and Shreibers know several of my brothers. They came to the conclusion that the Spodek clan is definitely and eclectic bunch.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Shira and David--
Just wanted to say hi as I haven't been on your blog or in touch with you in quite awhile. It looks like you guys are having an amazing experience, replete with special family moments that I'm sure your kids and you will treasure for many years to come. In a purely selfish way, I look forward to hanging out with you guys back in Baltimore. Happy Belated B-day David.
Be well,