It's Summer

It was about 78 degrees Fahrenheit (we're coming back to the States so I never felt the need to think in Celsius) today and we're enjoying it. We knew it was supposed to be hot so we all dressed the parts. Zvi wore shorts today to school which isn't really that surprising considering he wore shorts on Monday also when the high temperature was probably in the low 50s (at least he brought pants to school that day and admitted to me that he put them on for some of the day). Rivka wore her white spring skirt and Yeshaya and I wore short sleeves. Leora wore her crocs without socks but she still wore long sleeves (she couldn't find a short sleeve shirt that she liked).

Shira and I walked to pick Yeshaya up from his playgroup (a 5 minute walk but I usually drive). Then we picked Leora up and went to the park with both of them before stopping at Bubbie's house. When we came home Shira sat outside with some of the neighbors while all the kids played out there.
We also packed up a duffel bag full of winter clothes to be sent back to Baltimore. The Dresslers are going back to Baltimore for a week or two and agreed to take a duffel bag for us. We came with 17 pieces of luggage but we're probably only going to be allowed 12 going back. We sent one duffel with Adina and now this one with Dressler. We have friends coming Pesach who will take a duffel or two for us and then we should be fine (as long as Shira doesn't buy too many new things!).

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