Shabbos Ima

On Friday Leora was the Shabbos Ima in gan for the first time since she switched ganim. She was very excited for it and enjoyed it a lot. This was in contrast to the time she was Ima in her old gan when she still wasn't thrilled about going despite the fact that she was going to be Ima. Last week, she had a presentation one evening where they sang songs and put on a show for the mothers. Men weren't invited but Shira said that she did really well.

We had to buy something at the shopping center next the bigger kids' school on Friday so we stopped in to say hello. It's nice to see how many friends they each have in school. We also spoke o the principal for a few minutes and he told us that he's impressed with the kids.

Rivka had a friend from her class from Chashmonaim here for Shabbos. Her family also came for the year but they made the decision recently that they're staying and now they're looking to buy a house. My parents and grandmother and her metapelet were also here for Shabbos but we didn't have any other company for the meals. Zvi went to the Neustadters for lunch so it was pretty quiet. On Motzei Shabbos we went to Beit Shemesh for the Shlocker bar mitzvah and my mother babysat.

Man, these blog posts of mine are getting boring. I need to start thinking of ways to make them better. Maybe we just need to actually do something.

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