Purim Meshulash

This year, people in Yerushalayim had a three day Purim:
  • Mikra Megillah is done on Thursday night and Friday morning, as in the open cities; Matanot La-Evyonim are given on Friday.

  • The reading of Parashat Amalek and the insertion of Al HaNisim into the Shemoneh Esray and the Birchat HaMazon are done on Shabbat, their regular Purim in ordinary years.

  • Seudat Purim is served and Mishloach Manot are exchanged on Sunday, the sixteenth of Adar.

It was more than 90 degrees here today - not something we're used to from Baltimore so we spent some time in the park. Then we drove to the Callens (Shira's cousins) to join them in their Purim seuda in Ramot. We had a nice time but I managed to stay sober through yet another Purim seuda.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the nostalgia of Purim in your life -- like the time you dind't stay sober troughout the seuda (I guess we should upload pictures) or the year you got engaged on Purim -- I am sure you bought shira an anniversary gift -- or the year you got to drive your old friend into Jerusalem with your kids and play a mean game of finding the alef bet outside the car...

David said...

Cool. I was also born the day before Purim. A lot has happened in my life on Purim and you were there for many of the most exciting ones.