Purim is very different in Israel than it is in the chutz la'aretz. This year was different anyway because it was on Friday but it's just great to see everyone in the entire country dressed up and partying in honor of Purim. It is a little strange to see some 13 year old girls dressed up in ways that would make Elliot Spitzer proud but it's great that everyone celebrates the holiday in some way. There was a big parade in Modiin but we just ran out of time and didn't even have a chance to go.

I went to an early, fast megilla reading and then Shira went with the girls to a 7 AM reading. After megilla, the kids and I started our trip to deliver shaloch manos. It was a little sad because very few people were at home. Some people were at the parade and others were out delivering their own packages. This is outside Yeshaya's ganenet's house.

He was very upset that she wasn't home but we did go back after our seuda after she had returned from the parade. Leora was lucky because her ganenet was at home and she was thrilled to see her.

We drove in circles in Hashmonaim trying to find all the kids' friends and after we found most of them we returned just in time to get to Saba and Savta's for the Purim seuda with Bubbie and the Fredj's.

We spent Shabbos in Zichron Yaakov and again had a great time with the Hagege's.

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