Day off for the bigger kids

We promised Rivka and Zvi a day off because of their amazing report cards. Also, Leora had missed a half day of school to go to Yerushalayim a couple weeks ago with Shira and my mother-in-law. So I had to come up with a plan of what to do with the kids. I'm always nervous coming up with a plan because I want it to be something that they'll enjoy. I kind of wanted this one to be somewhat educational but I really wanted them to have a good time also. We were also bound by time because Yeshaya is only at playgroup from 8:15 until 12:15 every day. We decided to ask the Mayers if Yeshaya could go there for an hour to play with their son Ami. They're best friends and love playing together. They have similar personalities and even look almost the same. Ami has come to our house before and it was incredible how nicely they played together. So that gave us an extra hour to have fun.

Shira and I still had to come up with something to do. We asked Rivka and Zvi but they didn't really have any great ideas and they seemed to nix anything that we suggested. Rivka's ulpan teacher recommended Park Canada, Amy suggested Maalit Yerushalayim and my mother thought going to a park and looking at all the flowers blooming would be a good idea. We decided against all those for various reasons and settled on a day at the Old City of Yerushalayim. I sent an email to the kids last night with our schedule and when they woke up and read it they were excited.

So we left this morning just after dropping off Yeshaya and parked near the Kotel. We davened quickly (or the others did I had already davened) and then went out for breakfast at Bonkers Bagels. Then we went just across the road to the Burnt House Museum. It's a tiny little museum but they have a really good 25 minute 3D movie which the kids really enjoyed. The original schedule had us going to another museum but Shira had the idea of changing it to go to the shuk instead. We bought some shaloch manos packages for the kids to give to their friends and also got some other goodies like hamentashin, candies and ice coffees. Then we were approaching our deadline so it was time to head home.

We dropped the kids off at Bubbie's so they could spend a little time there and then we went to pick up Yeshaya from his friend's house. He had only been there for a half hour and was NOT happy to see me. The Mayers agreed to keep him for another half hour. I went to mincha and then picked Yeshaya up from Mayers, Rivka and Zvi from Bubbie's and Leora from gan. They came home watched a movie and went grocery shopping with Shira. Zvi and Rivka both had great days and even learned something about Yerushalayim in the process. I'd call this day off a success!

The first picture is in front of the Burnt House Museum and the second is in the shuk. We chose to take the picture in front of the fish in honor of our newest nephew, Roi Nun (nun means fish in Aramaic). Mazel tov Aaron, Aviva and Deyah!

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