Sunday morning bowling

Once a month the men of Modiin who don't work Sunday mornings get together for bowling. There is a nice bowling alley here and there are a lot of people who don't work Sundays. Some of them are unemployed but most are people who either work in America a couple weeks a month or work American hours in Israel. There are at least 20 people on the email list but I've gone twice now and we got 8 and then 5 guys there. It's a good idea and we have fun. Unfortunately I haven't bowled well either time but it's OK because none of the guys are exactly superstars.

And now for the obligatory Shabbos recap ... we had Shira's cousin Rena and her husband and her cousin on the other side, Malki for the Shabbos. For lunch, Zvi had a friend and Rivka went to a friend and we had the Adderabbi and his family. It was yet another nice Shabbos here.

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