Rav Lau

This Shabbos Rabbi Dovid Lau made a Bar Mitzvah for his son so his father, Rav Yisrael Meir Lau was in town. He spoke at our shul between mincha and maariv and we had about 500 people there to hear him. It was an impressive crowd and he spoke well.

This was the first late Shabbos of the year which meant that we still got in naps even after a long lunch at the Baks house. We weren't up too late on Friday night either since we had no company. Erev Shabbos was actually extra long because it was a rare Friday when we didn't have a baseball game. Instead we went to Yerushalayim for a game on Thursday night. Zvi had said that he would blog about the game (I'm not holding my breath) so I won't write about our Cheetahs' second victory in a row.

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