Lots of Company

When we lived in St. Louis there was a single guy, Jarod Hershenson there in medical school. Right around the time that we moved to Baltimore, his fiancee, Jessica moved to join him there. They had both completed their second year of medical school. Two years later they graduated and moved to Baltimore where they both did their residencies. After three years there they decided to come to Israel for a year to study before Jarod does his fellowship at Ohio State. So they've been following us around for a while - St. Louis -> Baltimore -> Israel. They're living in Har Nof for the year with their three little kids without a car so it was a real shlep for them to come out to us by bus but they agreed to visit us for a Shabbos. Their oldest just turned four and their youngest is one and a half so their kids are really, really close in age.

Shira's friend Adina Bloomberg also joined us for Shabbos. Friday night, we had the Gelbergs for dinner and two girls who came to us through Anywhere in Israel. Shira's brother, Eli was supposed to come for Shabbos but we knew we didn't have room for him to sleep at our house so the Butels agreed to host him. He canceled around 11 AM on Friday and when I told the Butels Eli had cancelled they told me that their other company also cancelled. Shira realized that she had a ton of food so she called and invited the Butels also. So we ended up with 24 people for dinner on Friday night! Shabbos lunch seemed empty since it was just the Hershensons and Adina with us. We had a great time but it was nice cleaning up on Saturday night and being able to see our white floor again.

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