One of my closest high school friends came to Israel for a week with his oldest son to celebrate his nephew's bar mitzva. I'm notoriously bad with calling people and getting together but he called me twice and offered to come to my house to visit. It's a little ridiculous for him to waste a morning shleping out to Modiin when I could go visit him in Jerusalem so I said I'd meet him there. I was going to take a bus but then Shira had the brilliant idea that Ephi could take a duffel bag back for us so I drove there with the duffel. We went to Center 1 for lunch and had a nice time. It's always good to spend time with him. He also told me he saw another classmate of ours who lives in Yerushalayim who I haven't seen since the year after we graduated. He got me his phone number so maybe I'll actually call him one day.

Shira was home all alone today for almost three hours. I realized that is a very rare occurrence. I'm home almost all the time and if I'm not home then usually there is at least one kid here. That might be the longest amount of time that she's been home alone since we came to Israel. That might not interest anyone else but it's one of those little factoids that keep me entertained.

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Shira didn't want to go meet Ephi with you? Question: When Ephi calls into to Mike and the Mad Dog from Israel, does he use a cell hpone or Skype?