Five straight days

We are extending another Greenstone record in our house today. This is our fifth straight day without having on the air conditioner or the heat at all. I'm pretty sure that we've never done that before in our 10.5 years of marriage. The weather has been beautiful and we can keep the windows open. In Baltimore, even when it's great weather, we can't keep the windows open because I get killed by allergies. I've been hit a little here but it's not bad at all. It gets a little hot in the afternoons but we've managed. I think we'll probably turn on the a/c today or tomorrow but we'll see how long we can keep the record streak going.

Today is Zvi's Hebrew birthday and yesterday was his English birthday. We were supposed to have a Shabbos with no company but Adina B. just came back from the States so we had her and she no longer counts as a guest anyway. At the last minute Rivka decided to go to Nof Ayalon to my sister's with my parents. We ate lunch at the Wines with the Zaks' and then we all had dessert outside with the other neighbors in our driveway. The Butels had a big cake in honor of their 9th anniversary and it was also Zvi and Liron Wine's birthdays.

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