Leora's prize

When Leora started her new gan, the Baks promised her any toy she wanted from the toy store if she didn't cry for two straight days at gan. The first couple days she cried for a few minutes when I dropped her off. After that, she'd cry for just a few seconds when I left. Every time Aryeh or Tzivi saw her they'd ask when she was going to earn her prize. Leora really wanted to go without crying and one day when I asked her why she bothered to cry she said, "I don't want to cry but Hashem makes me."

Last Tuesday I took Leora to gan and her regular teacher was talking to someone. Normally she comes to meet us at the door but she was busy and I didn't want to bother her. So I took Leora to a table and a substitute assistant who didn't know Leora came over to her when she saw her hesitating to let me go. One of the other girls explained to the assistant that Leora didn't know Hebrew so she spoke to her English and after a few seconds I started to leave. Leora gave me one last kiss but didn't cry. Since then Leora has not cried when we dropped her off. The ganenet now doesn't meet us at the door but we bring her to the table where she is sitting and Leora works on the projects. The ganenet now talks to her in Hebrew and she has learned so much Hebrew in the last month. Leora asked me yesterday if I noticed that she was getting bigger. I wasn't sure what she meant so I said, "A little bit. How do you know you're getting bigger?" She answered that "I don't cry anymore in Gan so I'm big now." She's obviously proud of herself and we're so proud of her also.

Leora really wanted her prize from the Baks though and today Aryeh came through for us. He came over to pick Leora up at 4 PM and took her to the toy store. She chose a Make Up Set and is now playing make-up with Shira. Thank you Baks!


yidishekope said...

Hooray for Leora! I guess that's the clincher. Now there's no reason to leave Israel.
Where should I send the check for the van (and the treadmill)?

Sarah Cook said...

Its so nice to hear that she's not crying in the morning at this new Gan. I know it would break my heart if Olivia cried every morning when we brought her to school...