On Sunday I called my father almost an hour before school ended and said that I have a big headache. He said that he can't pick me up right now but he could pick me up when school ends so I wont have to go on the bus. When I got home I played a game of Skip-Bo with my father and then I did homework. After that we went to Savta's for supper and then got home and went into bed. I was up the whole night so I could not go to school. It was Bubbie's birthday party and I could not go but Mommy and Abba both really wanted to go so I went to Savtas house and I stayed there with my great uncle that just came in from America and was too tired to go (he was sleeping the whole time ) When Mommy and Abba picked me up we went to the shopping center to gt a few things there then Leora came home and she does not know how to be quiet so my headache just got bigger. Monday night I did not sleep again so I called my grandmother ( the one that lives in Canada ) and she told me to drink orange juice. I tried some but it made me throw up. I was too sick to go to school again. Mommy said I probably had a sinus infection so I had to go to the doctor. Abba, Yeshaya and I went to Savta's house for a couple of hours and Abba called the doctor. The doctor said that there were no appointments available until 5:00. I went to the doctor at 5 and we found out that Mommy was right: I have a sinus infection. He told me to get three different medicines so went to buy them. An hour after I took one of the medicines I started to feel better. We went to Bubbie's last night and when we got home I took different medicine that made me throw up. I woke up around 10 PM and I was so happy because I felt all better. Then I went back to sleep and slept through the whole night, until 5:15 AM. When I woke up I felt all better and am very excited to go back to school today.

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shtumpik said...

Rivka - In my house waking up at 5:15 AM doesn't count as sleeping through the night. I am glad you are feeling better. Josh