Tu B'shvat

This is basically our midpoint in the year so that means that we have some paperwork to deal with. We took care of the first part last week when we extended our visas. The next thing was to extend the registration on our car. The deal with the car from Cypress is that we're allowed to keep it in the country for one year but you can only register it for six months at a time. After six months we have to get a bank guarantee for the amount of the taxes. So Shira and I went to Yerushalayim yesterday to find out how much we owed and get the forms. The people in the meches office were actually very nice. So today Shira and I had to get the bank guarantee. My mother locked up some of her money for us so that we wouldn't have to change the money just to change it back in six months and so that we wouldn't have to lay out all the money on our own. My name is on one of her accounts with power of attorney so we used that one. We got to the bank at 10:15 and we were next in line so we barely had to wait. Then the lady said that we couldn't do it because I wasn't the main name on the account. She made a few phone calls and in the end we were allowed to it. The only problem was that she didn't really know how to do it. So she spoke to all the other employees in the bank but none of them had any clue. She made a few phone calls but still no luck. At around 11, she told us to leave and come back at 1:30 and she'd try to have it mostly done. So Shira, my mother, Yeshaya and I went to grab something to eat in the same shopping center. Fifteen minutes later she called me on the phone and I went back to the bank. We finally finished at the bank at almost 1. It took us three hours there just to get the bank guarantee. She didn't fill out the form that they gave me at the meches office but insisted that what she gave me is all they need. I hope she's right!

My grandmother came home from the hospital yesterday afternoon and Yeshaya and I visited her at home today. She's doing much better and was very happy to be home.

Happy birthday to JJ!

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JJ said...

Thansk for the shout-out! It's amazing how you remembered... Was it becuase Shira lives on Facebook?


Can't wait till 2/24