Bubbie's 94th birthday

Today is my grandmother's 94th birthday. Last night, we ordered a cake from Holyland cakes and brought it to my mother's house for a birthday party. Amy and most of her family joined us also.

Then today Shira, Yeshaya and I joined my grandmother for a birthday party at Melabev where she goes four days a week. It's also my grandfather's first yahrtzeit this week so two of my aunts were here also. My grandmother has four daughters and three of them were at the party. She has 23 grandchildren but only two of us were able to be there today. She also had 3 of her great-grandchildren there (not sure how many she has but it's over 60). We all had a great time celebrating with her.

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SaraK said...

Happy Birthday to your Bubby! The cake looks beautiful :)