The rest of the bar mitzvah

So far I've only written about a little bit of the Bar Mitzvah so I'll finish up the rest of the story in this entry. After lunch in Chevron, we all (actually some people went home but most of us) boarded the buses again to take us to meet our jeeps in Midbar Yehuda. There were twelve jeeps and each one had eight people so there were almost 100 people there.
We were on the jeeps for almost three hours until we got to our final destination. I delayed writing this post because I was hoping to find out what that place was called but nobody we were with on Shabbos could remember. It was an old Jordanian prison in the Judean desert and it had an Arabic name that I don't remember. They had a huge heated tent set up (another bus from Jerusalem met us for the party) and another smaller tent with barbecues. The jail was set up for dancing with a band and everything. There was also a section for pita making. They also had a camel and donkeys there and Zvi and I had a good time on a camel.
Then there were some African drum players there to give some lessons how to play.
We finally got home, exhausted at 10:30 at night. Long day but we had to rest up so we could continue the festivities on Friday. Maya, Ethel's daughter, slept over and went to school with Rivka on Friday and then when they all got home from school we showered and went to Jerusalem to go spend Shabbos at the Inbal. Shabbos was beautiful and we all had a great time with family and some of the Somer friends. The Bar Mitzva was excellent but the only problem is that now Rivka and Zvi are getting ideas about what kind of parties they want for their bar and bat mitzvas.

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