Hockey Shrine in Israel

Shira's brother Danny loves ice hockey. He has been credited on with laying "much of [the] groundwork for grassroots hockey in Israel." He coaches little kids in roller hockey. He has tons of equipment so people who want to play ice hockey have the proper stuff. He organizes a bi-weekly ice hockey game in Metulla. The Canada Center there is one of the only places in the country to play ice hockey so he decided that he had to organize regular games up there so he didn't have to give up on his favorite activity just because he made aliya. This week is the second annual International Israel Ice Hockey Tournament in Metulla. He organized this tournament and has about 50 people from around the world playing in a three day tournament. Two weeks ago he separated his shoulder and isn't sure yet if he's going to be able to play in the tournament that he arranges but he promised me that he'll be on the ice. If he can't play then he'll just ref.

He also owns the closest thing to a hockey museum that exists in Israel. The house they bought in Zichron Yaakov a few years ago has a garage that had been converted by the previous owner into a fairly large office. When Danny saw it, he immediately thought that it would be the perfect place for a hockey museum. He has tons of stuff there covering all the walls, floors and ceilings. Here are a few pictures that I took when we were visiting them last week.


Diana said...

Whenever I see a garage, I also think, "Hockey Museum"!

Anonymous said...

Hey--I've been at that museum. But I was charged to enter. Oh, no. It was the other way around. I took a coin on my way out.

I never knew that I lived next to the man who put Israeli hockey on the map. What pride.