Rivka's Terem Visit

Last week Rivka was complaining that her ankle was hurting but we were a little skeptical because Zvi also hurt his ankle. Over the weekend she didn't complain and even walked back from the kotel without any difficulties. Then, on Sunday or Monday she started complaining again about pain and started walking with a limp. We looked at her ankle and everything seemed fine. However, yesterday she started complaining even more and seemed to have more trouble walking. I looked at her ankle and noticed it was swollen. She had a class party from 5-8 pm and my carpool shift was pickup. When I picked her up she was in tears and crying from agony. I decided to take her to terem to check it out. We ended up spending 3 hours there without any conclusive findings. They took x-rays and tried twice to transmit them to a radiologist to read, but the transmission failed. Meanwhile, Rivka was exhausted and in a lot of pain. The two doctors there consulted with each other, and although they felt it was unlikely that there was a fracture there was one questionable area. The doctor explained that they thought it was probably a growth plate and not a fracture. They decided to cast/splint Rivka since she really couldn't put any weight through her foot because of the pain. Every procedure was agony for her and the doctors didn't seem to have too much sympathy. So today Rivka hopped around with her cast all day and has become and expert hopper. Although tonight when Rivka wasn't focusing on her hopping she discovered that she could actually put some weight through it without it being too painful. So now she's becoming and expert limper.

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