Meeting with the School Psychologist for Leora

Today we had a scheduled meeting with Leora's teacher and the school psychologist (Michael Roth, Moshe Roth's brother). The purpose of the meeting was twofold. First to update us on Leora's progress and second to discuss placement for next year (if we stay in Israel). The teacher gave us a great report. She said that Leora really seems to be understanding a lot of hebrew. She even gave an example that she was teaching the children about the hebrew letters "koof and Kuf" and asked the children to come up with words that start with those sounds. After a few examples from the other kids, Leora raised her hand and said "keshet". The teacher said she was shocked but thrilled. This whole lesson was happening in hebrew. Leora also repeated the story to us as she was very proud of herself (and so were we). After some discussion, we all agreed that Leora would benefit from repeating gan chova to give her some more confidence with hebrew. (We have not made any final decisions about next year but need to keep all options open).

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Daphna Peimer said...

what a clever girl.
I wonder if Hashem gave her the idea for that word, keshet.
Go Leora!