Rivka ditches us again

Rivka must find us boring or something because almost every Shabbos she finds something else to do. Apparently she enjoys the company of her friends and cousins more than she enjoys spending time with the family. She tries to invite girls from her class for Shabbos but they can never come. She's had a couple girls from the neighborhood (different schools) but she's been out many times. This week, my sister called an hour before Shabbos to invite her over. She went there and actually got together with a classmate who lives in Nof Ayalon this afternoon.

She missed another nice Shabbos in Modiin. Last night we had the Spitzers (he used to own Joseph's restaurant in NYC) and the Baks for dinner. Then today we ate lunch at the Eisenberg's. It seems that most of our friends in Modiin have more daughters than sons. Last night, our company combined to have four girls and a boy and the Eisenbergs have four daughters and no sons. In order to keep Zvi happy I had to play a lot of initial baseball with him.

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