Back and forth to the hospital

Last Wednesday morning I went to visit my grandmother just in time to see my mother and Maris (the metapelet) trying to get Bubbie into a taxi to take her to the doctor. She was having trouble breathing and was really weak. I tried helping but we just couldn't get her into the taxi and we decided it was best to put her in an ambulance anyway given her condition. So we called an ambulance and she went to Asaf Harofeh Hospital. They started her on anti-biotics right away and her condition quickly improved. They think that she had pneumonia and some sort of blood infection (they're not 100% positive). She's getting stronger each day but her arms are bruised from the IVs. We're hoping that she can come home tomorrow.

It's been exhausting for us as Shira and I have been to the hospital (about a half hour away) every day since she got there. Last night Rivka came also and today we took the whole family. The visits have been nice especially since now Bubbie is almost back to herself. So we took it easy on Shabbos and didn't have any company on Friday night - actually Leora's friend, our next door neighbor, Meirav Wine ate over and slept at our house. For lunch we went to the Butels who live at the end of our driveway. It was a very relaxing Shabbos.

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