Another week goes by

We (mostly me) have been a bit lax in our blogging lately. I guess that means that we're busy and don't have too much time for the computer :) We had a good week, nothing too much to report. We got organized for Pesach. Had the Rabbi come by to tell us how to kasher our kitchen and we realized that we have quit a lot of kitchen utensils that are all metal that are easily kasherable. That will save us money and also save us the hassle of having to get rid of it in a few months. Today David did our tally and we only have 85 more days left. David announced this with a smile, but I felt really sad. This past shabbos we ate a simple meal at home Friday night and enjoyed a yummy meal at the Obersteins for lunch. My brother Avi was very close with Nina and Shmuli while studying in Bar Ilan. The Ort's were also there in addition to several of the Oberstein's relatives.
This evening we will be heading to my cousin's, Nechama and Yair Cohen, for dinner. We always enjoy getting together with them. We also will most likely make a stop to drop off another Baltimore bound duffel bag.

On a side note, my sister-in-law, Tikki is raising money for the National MS Society walk. Feel free to make a donation and help her achieve her goal.

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