A Visit With Our Cousins

As mentioned in several blogs we have a lot of family living in Israel. We have mostly talked about our parents, grandparents, siblings and first cousins but we also have a whole bunch of second cousins too. I happen to have two second cousins my age living in Israel. One of them is my cousin Nechama Feintuch Cohen. Over the years we have kept in touch on and off and see each other every once in a while. When Nechama and her husband Yair were engaged they came to spend a shabbos by us in Baltimore. Although Yair only speaks hebrew we really enjoyed getting to know him. When it came time to sign a lease for our rental in Israel, Yair came through for us with his legal advice (he's a lawyer). This Sunday Nechama and her two boys, Hillel and Eitan came to Modiin and were later joined by Yair. We had a very nice time.

Over shabbos Zvi was sick with a fever and vomiting and got to miss two days of school. By the second day off he was really feeling better but David and I were glad we kept him home because he helped watch Yeshaya while we were recovering with whatever Zvi had.

On Friday Rivka and Zvi got their first ever report cards in Israel. They did so amazing and their teachers are so impressed by them. We are so proud of them and can't wait to reward them for their great efforts.

Several months ago we took Leora and Yeshaya for portraits. It is my tradition to take the kids for a yearly portrait around their birthdays. We found a place in Kiryat Sefer that is the closest to JC Penney's prices. The problem was that we ordered pictures according to American standard sizes and not Israeli. They had to custom order everything. Not as easy at it may sound. It took from Novemeber until now for the pictures to be ready but I think it was worth the wait.

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