Not enough computers

We actually did things this week but we just haven't had the time to blog about them. Shira's computer broke last week which means that I've had to share my computer with her. This takes away from my free time on the computer and limits my ability to blog. It basically makes it impossible for Shira to blog since I'm always anxiously waiting for her to get off. It also means that the kids don't get to use the computer. I really don't like them using my work computer but I let them check email and stuff once in a while. We ordered a new computer to be delivered to Zale's house and Shira's mother is going to bring it to us in a couple weeks. We are all very excited.

Shira's brother, Avi sent some stuff for us with Tikki's aunt so we went to Tel Aviv to meet them on Tuesday. It was a gorgeous day so we walked along the boardwalk with Yeshaya. Shira had been to a milchig restaurant a couple times with Nechama in Tel Aviv and she really wanted to go again but she couldn't remember the name or where it was so we just came back to Modiin for lunch. Then yesterday we went to the Kotel for the first time in almost a month. We didn't have any kids with us and it was another nice day - a little cool in Jerusalem - so we walked from outside Shaar Yafo.

Today Rivka and Zvi have a half day of school. I'm not exactly sure why but when I asked the kids why they didn't seem to care. They're just happy to get out early. They're getting report cards tomorrow for the first time so maybe this is a pre-reportcard reward or maybe it's in honor of the second day of Rosh Chodesh Adar Rishon. Rivka is going to a friend's house straight from school and sleeping there. Maybe one day Rivka will start blogging again and she can write all about it ... maybe on our new computer.


Anonymous said...

How do you mention the beach without mentioning the beached whale??

- Aryeh

Shira said...

Oh, so David told you about the fat naked lady. He really thought it was a man at first. I completely forgot about the incident but I guess he didn't!