Still Got That Eighties Touch

Okay, so you might think I'm pathetic but I LOVE eighties music and boy did I choose the right country to enjoy it. All they ever play on Israeli radio is eighties songs. My exercise classes are mostly to the beat of eighties music. I am just in heaven!!!

When I was younger my mother always told me never to sing on a date because I'd never get married. I think that she was just trying to save me the embarrassment of a bad voice. I was lucky though, because David is tone deaf so nothing sounds good or bad to him. Since David suffers from this "disability" he never could appreciate music. When we got married I would always listen to the radio but he asked me that when we have kids to limit the music. I didn't realize to him all he was hearing was words, not sounds. Well, as time went on and we added children to our family, I forgot about our little agreement. The kids were and have been exposed to some great music. Problem is, is that I think David may have been right. You see, one day I was driving around Modiin with the kids listening to some music on the radio. I wasn't really paying attention to the words, and actually I wasn't really enjoying this particular song either. Suddenly, Rivka turns to me and ask are they saying "do you want a piece of meat?" or "do you want a piece of me?" I burst out laughing but then realized that perhaps David may have been right. Needless to say, the kids went around the whole night singing "Do you want a piece of me".

However, there are some good points to exposing the kids to eighties music. They think they have the super coolest mother in the world. They are just in awe that I know almost every song on the radio and can name that tune after just a beat or two. How many people can say that their 2 year old knows the course to Phil Collins "Billy don't you lose my number"?

One night Rivka and I played a game. She would throw out a word and I had to come up with a song that had that word in it. She thought I made up half the songs, but I really didn't. She still thought that I was cool though.

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