Tisha B'av

As I sit here on the floor while my kids are in front of their "babysitter" I'm thinking of our imminent voyage to Israel. I suddenly realized how fortunate we are that we will be able to spend a whole year in Israel (on an American salary too!!!). Maybe it will be worth all the frustration after all. We will be able to visit the kotel whenever we feel like (and we'll see about kever rochel, chevron etc. as I'm quite a chicken). We will get to spend time with our family and friends. My kids will get to know their first cousins even better. We will get to spend a whole year with Bubbie. Maybe we'll even get to go to a hockey game or two up in Matulla, or a baseball game in Modiin. We'll get to take our aggressions out on Israelis drivers. I am so excited to be able to spend a whole year (actually 11 months) in the holy land of Israel. There is just something in the air there. I feel like I'm home when when I step off the plane. I hope the feeling doesn't wear off.

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