Our last Shabbos

It's starting to feel real now. We're actually going to Israel this week! We had a nice relaxing Shabbos. My brother-in-law ate at our house Friday night with his wife and baby and today we ate there with another family. It's just strange when everyone we see is saying good-bye. Sometimes I think of it that we're just going away for a year and we'll come back after our extended "vacation" and nothing will have changed. With all these good-byes though it's starting to feel like we're moving and we won't see these people for a long time. Will these people still be in Baltimore when we come back? Will the kids even remember our family? Many people seem convinced that even though we say we're going for a year that we're going to end up staying for a long time. Those aren't our intentions but one never knows.

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Greg said...

I'm fairly certain that we'll still be here.