Pack Rat ... Not Me!!!

David's been nagging me to write on the blog. I was so enthusiastic about keeping a blog initially, but now that I actually have to contribute, the excitement has worn off. I am just wiped from all this packing and packing and packing .... The positive side to it all is that I have thrown out so much junk. I'm not even a pack rat and we have so much garbage around. Thank goodness we live in the city and have garbage pick-up twice a week. We have also been able to donate so much stuff that we no longer use. That is a nice feeling. Maybe someone will bring back the big shoulder pad look with all of my high school clothing I donated. Can you believe I still had clothing in cleaners bags from high school? Okay, so maybe I am a bit of a pack rat... but I really had no trouble getting rid of it all now. Much easier to throw it in a trash bag than find a storage place in the house. (I did have trouble giving away any of my coats or jackets so they are now cluttering my storage closet, but I'll get there one day).

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