In August, we spent a Shabbos at the Kinar hotel but didn't do anything in the area because we had too many things to take care of at home. We promised the kids that we'd get back to the Kinneret and to Teveria. That was a long time ago but we finally kept the promise. On Monday, Rivka and Zvi woke up before 6 to watch more cartoons but the two little ones slept until 8. They all took jacuzzi baths and then we ate breakfast in Ramot. We really hadn't planned this day out very well so during breakfast we looked for things to do.

We decided to start with a little zoo just south of the Kinneret. Gan-Hai in Ein Zera was great. The kids fed the animals and held bunny rabbits. Even Yeshaya didn't run screaming every time an animal got close to him like he usually does.

Then we went just across the road to Kibbutz Kinneret to go canoeing down the Yarden. The waters were calm. We were basically at the northern tip of the Kinneret and didn't go that far south. We took two canoes and Rivka and Zvi were really good at helping to row.

After that we went to Teveria to get something to eat. Shira and the kids wanted milchigs and Shira remembered this place that we ate in about 7 years ago but didn't remember the name. So she directed me to the parking lot that we parked at then (yes, she has a good memory) and then we got out and walked to the boardwalk but turned left and couldn't find it (her memory isn't perfect) so she called Ornat and Nechama who found the place on the internet. Shira called and it turned out that we should have turned right from the parking lot. The place was called Apropos and was perfect for us.

We were finally ready to head home but then we saw a horse and buggy so we went for a 15 minute ride around Teveria and then headed home. We did all that and still managed to get the kids in bed by 7 so they wouldn't be too tired in school today.

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