Lag Sameach

On Thursday night we went to a shul bonfire in honor of Lag B'Omer. Our shul is mostly Americans so our fire was put to shame by many other fires around the city. People have been collecting wood around the country since Pesach so they could make HUGE fires. Rivka spent the night at my parents' house and then on Friday the kids had no school in honor of the holiday. So Shira took the kids swimming at my parents' pool for a few hours. Then Zvi and I had baseball and Leora stayed to play at my parents' house. We were supposed to play against a Yerushalayim team but they cancelled at the last minute so we decided to play a kids vs. dads game. It was a lot of fun - even better than had we actually had a game. It reminded me of my elementary school days when we had an annual game of faculty vs. students every Lag B'Omer. (Wow, I just followed the link to my elementary school and the picture on the front is my science teacher from 20 something years ago. She looks exactly the same.)

Rivka had a friend for Shabbos and we had four seminary girls sleep here. One of them works with my mother-in-law and she brought her sister and two friends. They didn't eat here because we weren't sure if we were going to be home for Shabbos and by the time we decided they had already found another place. We ate lunch at the Sussman's house with the Schertz'. They have four sons named Ocean, River, Sky and Canyon (Yam, Nahar, Rakia and Nachal in Hebrew). Then we went to the Baks' house for seudat shlishit before coming home to wind down until Shabbos was over.

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