Creepy Crawlies

I have to be careful of how I write this posting because you never know who you may insult or who may come across your blog, but I had to have an entry about this. Yesterday Leora invited her friend over from gan. They have had play dates on and off during the year, but not lately. She had been bugging us for weeks to have her over and for various reasons (mainly Leora's behavior) we did not allow it. Leora finally wore me down and I allowed the playdate to take place. Well, you cannot imagine my utter surprise and disgust when we were walking to the car and I could literally see the lice jumping around in this girl's hair. I was just paralyzed with shock. I did not know how to handle it. I put the girls in the car but warned Leora to keep her head leaned the other way (away from the girl). I then called my friend Penina, the lice lady, but was not able to reach her. I brought the girls home and immediately ran upstairs for bandanas. I made sure to give this infested girl a bandana that I would not mind throwing out immediately after her use. While she was at our house I had conversations with various people and they were all of the same opinion, GET THAT GIRL OUT OF YOUR HOUSE. I did not want to be confrontational so I called the parent and told him a little white lie. I said that I had forgotten we had to be somewhere so I would drop her off on our way out. He had no problem with that. So we loaded up the car, dropped her off and decided to pick up the other kids from school. When we returned home I vacuumed out the car as a precaution. I'm glad to report though, that although Leora plays with this girl all the time, she has been lice free. Even the lice are scared of her red haired temper.

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