Pesach cleaning

Historically, Pesach cleaning has always been done by the mother of the household (well, historically in our family at least - interesting post on the division of labor in the family here). Our house has barely anything in it since we've only been living here for 8 months and we didn't bring that much junk with us. So we figured we could delay cleaning the house until it was really almost Pesach. It's just 10 days away now so it's time to start. The problem is that Shira went to the doctor yesterday and today and tomorrow she's going to be busy grocery shopping (apparently you get much better prices and find many more American products when you leave Modiin to grocery shop).

I decided that as long as I'm home all morning doing nothing with Yeshaya I might as well start cleaning (the truth is that Rivka really started cleaning on Friday by cleaning the drawers in her night table). The advantage of a man cleaning is that he will rarely confuse Pesach cleaning with spring cleaning. I did throw out a lot of junk but that was stuff that was clearly garbage. My main purpose was just to look in all the drawers and cabinets and stuff for chametz. I didn't wash the windows, organize the shelves or dust the hard to get to places (I figure that if there's more than an inch of dust then I don't even have to check there since we haven't been there since we moved in). I finished three bedrooms upstairs (all but my room) and I'm happy to report that it wasn't a complete waste of time. I found some chocolate in Leora's night table drawer (probably only kitniyot) and some falafel bisli (chametz gamur) in a bag in a cabinet.

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